Monday, February 18, 2013

Poetry Night


By Liberty Hyde Bailey

One day
I went
To the fields to rest.

The sun
Hung low
On the rim of the West.

A sparrow
As it dropped to its nest.

And my soul
Had found
The boon of its quest.

Liberty Hyde Bailey was a man of many interests.  He wrote this poem in his book of poetry entitled, Wind and Weather in 1923.  My students have been writing poetry on and off throughout the year.  They celebrated their poetry writing with "Poetry Night."  Students chose two of their favorite original poems to share on stage at Foundry Hall.  We filled the theater with family and friends.  After the readings, the young poets autographed programs.  We had a wonderful time!   The sample below is just one of the amazing poems written and read at Poetry Night. 
I Am Autumn
By Jennifer Guzman
I see frost on blades of grass
I feel cold whirling wind going through my branches
I look at my leaves that already floated to the ground
I smell cold wind
I have a rough tree bark
I see animals getting ready for winter
I stretch my roots into the dirt
I am Autumn 

Celebrating Poetry at Foundry Hall!


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