Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Planting a Butterfly Garden

My class in front of our new Butterfly Garden
Ilse Gebhard, Monarch and Plant Expert
Student Planting
Student watering
Helping hands
One of the butterflies that hatched in our classroom

Today, my students had the wonderful opportunity of planting indigenous nectar plants into our new Butterfly Garden!  What fun!  Ilse Gebhard (see above) donated several flats of plants for this project.  Ilse is famous for her care of monarchs and for encouraging Monarch WayStations around the nation.  She has helped me throughout the years with her generous donations of caterpillars to my classroom.  I am now able to find monarch eggs and raise butterflies myself and so now Ilse is helping me make our school grounds pollinator friendly.  We are now an official Monarch WayStation that will continue to grow as we continue to plant and sow seeds.  I still have funds from the WildOnes grant I received last year so we will add additional plants before the snow flies.  Our hope is to see a blossoming garden in the years to come.  And maybe even more importantly, we are sowing seeds of love in our students for the environment and for the common butterflies and plants that make our world a better place to live.  Thank you Ilse for taking care of the monarchs and for teaching people like me and my students.  You make the world a more beautiful place, one butterfly and one student at a time.