Sunday, September 16, 2018

Fall 2018!

Our Class
A new school year has begun!  With two weeks under our belts, we are becoming a community of learners.  Every day, weather permitting, we run on our lower nature trail loop before starting our formal school day.  This past week we took a few minutes to be inspired by the woods and write outside in our new writer's notebooks.  We have also been learning about and releasing monarchs on a regular basis.  This coming Monday we have four monarch butterflies to release, four still in chrysalis form and two caterpillars.  We will learn more about food chains and food webs while studying the milkweed plants in our butterfly garden in the days ahead. 

We were fortunate to receive a grant from our School Foundation for seven student binoculars and they have arrived!  Russ Schipper will be joining us in the days ahead and taking small groups out into the field to learn how to use our new binoculars and how to use field guides to help us identify what we find in our outdoor learning center.  I look forward to another great year in forth grade! 
Releasing a monarch
Writing outdoors

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