Sunday, May 5, 2013

Butterfly Gardens

Our pet monarch from earlier this fall
We have big plans for a butterfly garden on our trail at North Shore, thanks to Jessica Overholser!  She has designed a plan for several raised beds that should encourage and support our butterfly population.  Jessica is a junior in high school and has been planning this since last year as a final Girl Scout project.  It is about to take shape in the weeks ahead!  She will be using indigenous plants that are draught hearty.  The flower beds will be on the upper field above the wetlands.  There is one component we have not yet figured out and maybe you can help.  Butterflies need water.  Jessica was hoping to develop some sort of well or way of capturing water, both as a watering system for the plants and as a water source for the butterflies.  If you have any suggestions or are willing to donate supplies to develop a well, please let us know.  When this project is complete, we will have a certified Monarch Way Station!  How cool is that?!