Sunday, November 4, 2012

Outdoor Learning Center Continues to Grow!


If you should take a walk in the backyard of North Shore Elementary School, you will be greeted with tree identification signs and bird houses, thanks to Tyler, our Eagle Scout hero!  He and his family and friends have done an amazing job creating a nature trail and outdoor learning environment.

We are looking forward to our Backyard Bird Count (February 15th -- 18th) with Russ Schipper in conjunction with Cornell University and thousands of bird lovers across North America.  We will be identifying and counting the birds we see in our backyard and sending that information on to the bird experts and researchers at Cornell. 

Cameron, another Eagle Scout, will be developing an outdoor classroom area.  He will be installing benches to seat thirty students in the opened area of the path.  We are looking forward to a time when we can sit outside and write, read and research in our own outdoor classroom!

"Man listens in the forest.  He pauses in the forest.  He finds himself. . . I have asked person after person if he knew the song of the chipping-sparrow, and most of them are unaware that it has any song.  We do not hear it in the blare of the city street. . . We hear it in the still places and when our ears are ready to catch the smaller sounds.  There is no music like the music of the forest, and the better part of it is faint and far away or high in the tops of trees."  --Liberty Hyde Bailey,  The Holy Earth