Thursday, March 31, 2011

Spring Poems from the poets in Mrs. Linstrom's class

Spring Days
A Haiku
By Madison B.

flowers blooming soon
animals awakening
outside warming up

I Am Spring
by Cate F.

I am the flowers as colorful as a rainbow you see in the meadows
I am the bees that buzz around your body like a thuderstorm
I am the wind that blows around your head like a tornado
I am the beautful sunset that you watch like a hawk
I am the trees that stand tall like lamp posts
I am the squishy dirt that feels like a fluffed up pillow beneath my feet
I am the raindrops that fall on your umbrella like popcorn in a popcorn maker
I am Spring

I'm Spring
by Kobi S.

I hear the birds singing
I feel the fresh new grass
I taste the frest new flowers
I wonder when summer will come
I sense night is coming
I hope day never ends
I think summer is near
I don't think anybody will play
I see the kids coming
I smell the pollen
I am Spring

I Love a lot of Things about Spring
By Marnie F.

Spring has lots of things I love about it
Like . . .
I love the rain coming down.  I love to take off my shoes and go splash around
And when the rains stops, it leaves a misty damp smell.
Oh, I love a lot of things about spring. 
I love a lot of things about spring,
Like . . .
I love the little flowers sprouting up in a rainbow of colors
I love to smell their lovely scents and think how pretty they look
Oh, I love a lot of things about spring
I love a lot of things about spring
Like . . .
I love the tiny bugs that seem to own the ground
I love to pretend that I am one of them
I crawl around on the ground, as if I am a tiny bug
Oh, I love a lot of things about spring
I love a lot of things about spring
Like . . .
I love all the birds flying back to their homes, flapping with their big wings
I love their sweet chirping in the mornings
Oh, I love a lot of things about spring
I love a lot of things about spring
I love lots of things about spring.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ground Breaking

Mark your calendars.  The date for our Ground Breaking has been set, Saturday May 28 at 1:00, with a rain date of Sunday May 29 at 1:00.  


He is from our town
He did good things for nature
He was many things
Who was this great scientist?
He was the great LIBERTY!

written by Marnie F.

(A Tanka poem: 5,7,5,7,7)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Update from Mrs.Linstrom

We had a great meeting last Thursday night!  There were about 25 people attending with lots of great ideas and enthusiasm.  People from the museum (including the director John Stempien), Garden Club people, North Shore educators, Administrator Patrick Campbell, community members and Landscaper Bob McGinness were all in attendance.  Bob shared a site map that he drew up (available for viewing at the museum and at North Shore Elementary) based on conversations from previous meetings.  He is hoping to start doing some basic clearing/cleaning for the path in the days ahead.  We decided on the official title of the project:  Liberty Hyde Bailey Interpretive Garden Path.  We discussed setting up an account through the museum for donations to the path.  We also discussed the opportunity for students to plant perennials as soon as our first "Discovery Plots" are ready.  In addition, we decided that the Ground Breaking Opening Event would be a Community Dandelion Planting.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

From the Students, Our First Post

We are excited to start our gardens.  We haven't set the dates yet.  You will see beautiful flowers, butterflies, fruit trees, birds, toads, frogs, ladybugs, dragonflies, rabbits, bees, worms, spiders, snakes, caterpillars, hummingbirds, squirrels and deer.  We will show you how we grow, by adding pictures.  We hope you enjoy our nature blog.